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Want to make a dramatic improvement in your business?

Let's work together personally and get the results you want.
As little as $249 a session. 100% guaranteed.

Congratulations on being a business owner! You're in the middle of one of the most complex and challenging adventures a human being can undertake.

And, as you know by now, success in business requires more than your passion, your creativity and your work ethic.

A business owner must also understand business fundamentals, like strategy and cash flow and pricing, and how they all connect and affect each other.

Owners need a sharp focus that drives them and their business forward and upward.

They need to be accountable to themselves. Seems kind of funny to say, but business owners often place their own needs last, whether those needs are personal, emotional or financial.

Sometimes they need help staying motivated. Business owners spend much of their time motivating others, including staff, customers, and their families. But who motivates them? Who fully understands their challenges and can help lift their spirits?


Imagine coming away from those chats feeling calm, energized and focused.

Imagine seeing your business measurably improve month over month.

Imagine your increased confidence 3 months from now, 6 months from now, a year from now.

That's what you'll experience when we work together. I guarantee it.


1. We'll commit to meeting online (with Skype) once a month on a pre-scheduled day for at least 3 months (4 sessions).

2. Before our first session, you'll bring me up to speed on yourself, your business, your aspiration and goals, and the issues or problems you're facing. I'll spend some time with your current financial statements, your website and I'll probably do some other research as well.

3. We'll review all this in our first session as we get to know each other. By the end of this session, we'll have a clear picture of what we're both going to work towards in the following 91 days*. In fact, we'll create a Playbook that will keep us focused and on-target.

4. Every month after that, we'll talk about your progress, set-backs, successes, issues. We'll review your financial statements and other indicators. We'll adjust and agree on our focus for the next month. And we'll spend some time checking in with YOU to make sure that YOU're okay and that YOU're getting what you need from our sessions and from your business.

*Why 91 days?
91 days is the perfect length of time in which to set a goal and achieve it. It's three months. It's 13 weeks. It's one quarter of the year.

Longer timeframes lose their ability to keep a person and a team motivated and on-target. The message becomes stale, the goal is too far away, people's attention drifts.

Less than 91 days is too short to create meaningful change. Messages become like "flavors of the month": sure, at first they get us excited but they're soon replaced with something else. After a while new messages, new initiatives get ignored.

When we work together, I'LL commit to:

• A regular pre-scheduled date that I won't change for any reason.

• Reviewing all the information you share with me ahead of our session so that I am fully prepared.

• Documenting our sessions and sharing these notes with you afterwards. These notes will usually take the form of an email but they may also include a worksheet, a video or a Playbook document.

• Complete confidentiality. The work we do together is only between you and me, and I will never share any of it with anyone, ever.

When we work together, YOU'LL commit to:

• A regular pre-scheduled date that you do not change for any reason.

• Sharing your financial and other information with me so that I can see your complete picture and be in the best possible position to help you.

• Watching a video or reviewing any "homework" that we agree to in our sessions.

• Having a weekly staff meeting and/or management review to remind you and your team what you're working to achieve in this 91-day burst.


I've tried to make this as simple and accessible as possible for business owners. What do you think of this:

- As little as US$249 per session, paid by credit card prior to our session.

- The fee includes my preparatory work ahead of our chat, our session (normally around an hour but I'm not a clock-watcher so it could go longer or shorter, depending on what you need), and access to all of my other materials, as necessary.

- I'd like you to commit to at least 4 sessions so we can complete one full 91 day burst. However, I won't hold you to this and you're free to stop anytime.

- My 100% money-back guarantee. If, at the end of the first session you don't think this is for you, simply tell me. I'll immediately refund your payment and we'll continue to be friends.

- Payment options: you can pay monthly just before each session. Or get an 8% discount by pre-paying for a 91-day burst (4 sessions). Or get a 17% discount by pre-paying for one year (13 sessions).

If you choose to pre-pay for a 91-day burst or for a year, you can still cancel at any time. Your refund will be pro-rated but will not include the discount.


Please email me with any questions or comments or if you'd like to arrange a time to discuss this in greater detail.


Great! So am I. Just click an option below and I'll email you to schedule our sessions and start the ball rolling.

I can't wait to start working with you.


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* Prices shown in U.S. dollars. They will be converted to Canadian dollars at the time of checkout. 

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